EPIKS is the new identity for Environment Kirklees Ltd
– a not for profit company

This site is under construction and will bring together existing projects and projects in the planning stage

EPIKS is about delivering Environmental Projects in the Kirklees area of West Yorkshire

Existing EPIKS projects:

Greenstreams has projects that focus on river stewardship. It involves partnership with employers who offer practical support, sponsorship and employee volunteers. There are also community partners and a register of individual Greenstreams volunteers.

The 3 Valleys Nature Park (3VNP) builds on the experience of Greenstreams and involves a consortium of environmental organisations and the Environment Agency. Our vision is outlined in our prospectus you can find here.

New projects EPIKS is planning or supporting new environmental projects on active travel and waste and resources. These include an e-bikes loan scheme, particularly for employers, and a waste network.

Active Citizens on the Environment (ACE) We are updating our approach to volunteering. We want to get more active citizens involved in environmental projects. Through employer and community partnership we aim to develop environmental volunteering in new settings. Our future volunteering activities will adapt to the new risks we are facing.

These websites that will be incorporated into the EPIKS site

We will continue to maintain this site