EPIKS – Environmental Projects in Kirklees

We are working with individuals, businesses and the third sector to improve our local environment to make Kirklees a better place to live and work.

Involving Volunteers

EPIKS delivers environmental projects. To do this we depend on people getting involved. Become one of our active citizens, or partner employers. Volunteers have a crucial part to play in improving our local environment.

Enjoy the outdoors – repairing paths, clearing waste, creating a wildflower meadow. You could be working on improving biodiversity, tackling plastic pollution or designing active travel routes.  Or behind the scenes, using social media, promoting community participation.

We have several projects planned for post-Lockdown – outlined below. Click on the project for more detail. Our Match it! appeal raised over £8,000 and the amount has been doubled by Kirklees One Community Foundation. Funding to create a range of regular environmental volunteering opportunities during the year has allowed us to recruit a part time Volunteer Engagement Officer from May.

Environmental Projects in Kirklees


The Greenstreams Project is making the most of the fantastic river along the valley of the River Colne in Kirklees, which flows from the Pennine uplands through Huddersfield, to join the River Calder at Cooper Bridge.

Benefiting both people and wildlife, Greenstreams volunteers and partners work on a range of projects to improve footpaths and cycle routes, restore wildlife habitats and clean up the river.

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3 Valleys Nature Park 

By linking green spaces and waterways in the Colne, Holme and Calder valleys, our vision is to work in partnership to create a nature park that connects people to cleaner, more wildlife-rich places.

The 3 Valleys Nature Park will provide opportunities for recreation and active travel, and an appreciation of the value of wildlife and historic features. Progress in achieving this vision has happened by bringing people and organisation together to develop the park.

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E-Bike Projects

E-bikes are a viable cost effective, low-carbon solution to future travel in Kirklees. We plan to launch two e-bike projects in 2021, which will give individuals the opportunity to trial an e-bike for themselves. If sponsored by an employer, this loan can be over an extended period.

Firstly, we are exploring employers interested in establishing a bike loan scheme to allow employees to try an e-bike before making a commitment.

Secondly, we are planning the trial of an e-bike library to allow residents to borrow an e-bike for an extended period.

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Low Emission Deliveries

We are exploring planning to launch an e-cargo bike a pilot scheme that would help to reduce traffic and cut harmful emissions from delivery vehicles.

Using an e-cargo bike, this low-carbon alternative would support local traders and suppliers, serve local residents and help to demonstrate the versatility of cargo bikes.

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Re-Use & Recycling 

We have teamed up with @UpcycleFashion (Julia Roebuck) to support an ambitious proposal for a sustainable fashion project, promoting re-use and waste minimisation in textiles. 

Promoted by environmental charity Hubbub, the lead organisation locally in the project is Woven in Kirklees. If successful, we are aiming to work with a range of community and voluntary organisations. 
Julia is a contributor to Woven in Kirklees and runs textile upcycling workshops to extend the useful life of clothing and accessories and end textile waste. She delivers a textiles education programme, working with secondary school students, and hosts a podcast about how the fashion industry needs to change in order to function within our planetary boundaries. 

EPIKs waste conference (December 2019) explored future opportunities for increasing the amount of re-use and repair, as well as in establishing new jobs in the “circular economy” see kwrnet.org.uk

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