E-Bike projects

E-bike and Scooter trials in St. George’s Square. Bikes operated by Legacy Ride

Try an E-bike for employees – loan and purchase scheme:

E-bikes offer a Covid-safe, cheap, healthy, low-carbon alternative for commuters.

Our scheme enables employees to find out if an e-bike would suit their travel needs over the longer term. We offer them a free month’s hire to get used to an e-bike.

EPIKS delivers this in partnership with Manchester Bike Hire (MBH) who have been running schemes for an NHS trust and a university.

Employer support

Responsibility for the scheme will rest with the operator (us) not the employer, who would need to offer safe on-site parking for e-bikes.

We are interested to talk to “bike-friendly employers” willing to offer this option to employees. We are exploring opportunities to get this scheme operational in the spring.

We have had positive expression of support from Kirklees Council. We are hoping for matching funding support from West Yorkshire Combined Authority through the City Connect programme.

How the E-bike scheme works

A small fleet of new e-bikes, in a mix of sizes and designs, will be available starting in early 2021. The bikes will be provided with locks, insurance, panniers and optional training as well as advice on helmet purchase.

Employees will have use of the bike free of charge for the first 4 weeks. After that the bike is charged at about £15/£20 per week, depending on model.

After 4 weeks the staff member can

  • continue to hire the bike for up to a total of 3 months
  • simply hand the bike back. It will be offered to the next staff member on the waiting list, again with the first 4 weeks rent-free.
  • acquire a brand new e-bike through an accredited cycle to work provider (via “salary sacrifice”).

Contact us for further details.

Electric cargo bike project

This project, which plans to use electric cargo bikes for local deliveries, is in the planning stage.

In January 2020, the World Economic Forum predicted that delivery vehicle use would increase by over 30% over the next decade, leading to a 20% increase in congestion and resulting vehicle emissions. E- Cargo bikes offer an emission and congestion-free alternative to low-volume, local deliveries.

We have interest in both the south and north of Kirklees. We aim to show how local deliveries can be safely and efficiently made by suitably designed bikes. This will initially be a volunteer project – we know it works elsewhere. To offer help or show interest contact EPIKS.


Electric cargo bike project – vision statement

This is the vision statement of Cargodale a Calder Valley CIC, who we are in contact with:

“We deliver. For our community. For better air quality. For less congestion. For safer roads. For a better environment.

“Delivering with electric cargo bikes supports local businesses and creates jobs without costing the earth.

“Our cargo bikes fit down the small roads of our area, they are safer for people walking and cycling – and they don’t pollute our air or add to climate change.”