E-Bike Projects

E-bike trial roadshow commissioned by Kirkburton Parish Council 

Try an e-bike scheme

E-bikes offer an affordable, healthy, low-carbon alternative way to travel. An e-bike rides like a normal bike with the benefit of a motor that assists pedalling and makes climbing hills easy. Riders still do a bit of pedalling, which means that they keep fit while they ride. E-bikes can be better – suited to riders with health conditions or people who thought their riding days were over due to age or mobility problems. 

Our e-bikes can be trialled or borrowed so that users get an idea of what it is like to use an e-bike and which model they prefer.

We have been operating e-bike trial roadshows, e-bike libraries and employer schemes to find out if an e-bike would suit individual’s travel needs over the longer term. EPIKs are working in partnership with well – established Manchester Bike Hire (MBH) who have been running employer schemes for NHS trusts and Salford University.

Employer support

We are interested to talk to “bike-friendly employers” willing to offer e-bike loan support to employees.

EPIKs are able to take on the responsibility and running of the scheme on behalf of the employer.


How the e-bike scheme works

EPIKs has a small fleet of new e-bikes, in a mix of sizes and designs. The bikes are provided with locks, insurance and panniers. Riders are offered optional training as well as advice on helmet purchase.

We can tailor e-bike taster sessions or trials to suit your organisation’s needs and budget. 

Contact for further details.