E-bike trial roadshow  

Employer roadshows

EPIKS is keen to showcase alternative ways to travel that are affordable, healthy, and better for the environment. We have been running active travel sessions around Kirklees over the past two years and have a good idea of the questions, barriers and solutions to help people commute without the need for a car. This summer, we are offering a Walk, Wheel, Ride Roadshow to employers, with one-to-one advice and the chance to try an e-bike.

The roadshow consists of a 3x3m gazebo shelter, resources, leaflets and information with back-up from our Walk, Wheel, Ride online hub.  We’ll bring a range of bikes and equipment to help answer all of your queries and suit every budget; help to plan safe ways to travel and cope with wet weather; bike security, clothing and ways to carry your gear.  We’ll bring the roadshow in our new e-van and pitch our gazebo close to your premises – all we need is a flat, secure space away from traffic and your support to encourage your employees to pay us a visit.

All our staff are walkers and cyclists, so you’ll be getting first-hand experiences and a willingness to share their enthusiasm with your team.

Try an e-bike

E-bikes offer an affordable, healthy, low-carbon alternative way to travel. An e-bike rides like a normal bike with the benefit of a motor that assists pedaling and makes climbing hills easy. Riders still do a bit of pedaling, which means that they keep fit while they ride.

There are many benefits to commuting by e-bike: they are extremely fun to ride; riding times are faster than a standard bike and very consistent – so a journey that takes 30 minutes by car might be 45 by e-bike, but without the traffic queues. Bikes take you door-to-door, so there’s no need to search for a parking spot. Battery assistance and a set of panniers mean you can carry up to 25kg without really noticing. There’s no need to stick to main roads or avoid hills – e-bikes are ‘nippy’ and we can advise on some of the traffic-free routes in Kirklees to take in some quieter greenspace along the way.


How the e-bike trial works

EPIKS has a range of e-bikes of different sizes and designs, available for test-riding. We provide a qualified trainer who will help your staff decide whether to take a quick spin in a safe space nearby or a longer, pre-planned mile ride which takes around one hour.

The routes we choose incorporate a few hills to get a flavour of how fun and versatile e-bikes are (and don’t make you arrive at your destination in a lather!). We organise bookable time slots for each trial ride, match the rider to the right size of bike and provide a helmet and high-vis vest.

Longer-term loan schemes are available to people who have taken our e-bike trial to find out if an e-bike would suit an individual’s travel needs.

I have decided to buy an e-bike and get rid of my car. Your event was exactly what I needed to help me choose. I have appreciated your knowledge.’ Feedback from Dewsbury resident, June 22.

Download a summary of the Walk, Wheel, Ride Employers’ Roadshow with costs here.

We’ve published a guide to helping you choose an ebike based on the questions we get asked on our roadshows.

Contact for further details.