Greenstreams Project and Match It

Development and maintenance work on environmental projects in Huddersfield and the Colne River corridor has continued this year at a reduced level.

We have added to the riverside paths near the university. We have tackled some heavily littered areas with volunteers from Good Gym and undertaken regular maintenance on all sites. Due to Covid-19 we have experienced limits on volunteer activity and a reduction in business sponsorship support, but we are beginning to get back to normal now spring is here.

Using the ‘Match it!’ support, we plan to expand the volunteer network in 2021. Some of this will be achieved by expanding partnership working with employers and community organisations.

Our plans also include recruiting a community volunteer task force. We will be creating more opportunities for individual volunteers from a wider range of backgrounds.

We know many people are interested in volunteer work in the “green outdoors”. We are limited in what we can organise until the Covid restrictions end. But we are working on a pack for households who are  keen to tackle the litter in the neighbourhood.


Our photos show some of the regular maintenance taking place in Milnsbridge.