EPIKs are working to create a pilot low-emissions delivery scheme for the Holme Valley. In September 2021 we hosted an e-cargo bike roadshow to demonstrate how e-cargo bikes are an eye – catching, clean, viable alternative to goods vehicles. We are delighted that over 100 individuals, businesses and community groups gave their support for the scheme.

Home deliveries are on the rise. Shoppers are buying more from big companies from outside our area. That means an increased number of delivery vehicles creating pollution and congestion. That’s bad for the environment and local businesses.

Thanks to the generous support from the HoTT Wind Bright Green Community Trust Fund managed by the One Community Foundation, EPIKs volunteers will be able gain training and skills to begin low – emission deliveries for launch in spring 2022. This follows many months of research and inspiration from similar schemes in Calderdale and European cities where e-cargo bikes are being used. The scheme will be a way to directly reduce carbon emissions in line with the Holme Valley Parish Council’s Climate Action Plan. 

Kim Warren, EPIKs Project Officer said, ‘What if the Holme Valley had a local delivery system that boosted local businesses and services without causing harmful emissions and was ideally suited to our steep roads and narrow lanes? A low emissions delivery scheme is a  viable action to help combat climate change and a long term possibility to create green jobs. The scheme will incorporate tailored software so goods and services can be ordered and processed from local businesses and social enterprises. A hub for storing bikes and processing orders within the Holme Valley will provide a focal point for the scheme. This will put the Holme Valley ahead of Government plans to reduce diesel goods vehicles in town centres and keep revenue local to the area.’ 

To express and interest, volunteer or offer support for the scheme email