Huddersfield Riverside Nature Park 

River Colne at Aspley Huddersfield

Why create a Riverside Nature Park for Huddersfield?  

Huddersfield has some stunning stretches of rivers, canals and green spaces supporting ideal habitats for wildlife and places for people to relax, spend time in nature and avoid traffic and pollution. EPIKS are working with local residents, community groups and businesses to create a cleaner, greener and more accessible riverside nature park for all to enjoy. 

The development of a riverside nature park from Lockwood to John Smith’s Stadium will inspire and benefit local communities, boost the local economy and help to take action for the Climate Emergency.

We will be working throughout 2022 to improve the area and invite you to join us and give us your views to help shape the future of the park. For more details and how to get involved email

View or download our brochure here.

Find out about the places you can visit within the park here


Some of the wildlife found on the rivers and canals of Huddersfield. Photos courtesy of Mick Forster Jones.