Low-emission deliveries by e-cargo bike

Electric cargo bike project

E-cargo bikes offer a low-carbon solution to delivering goods that would otherwise be delivered by car or van. Modern e-cargo bikes are robust and with an electrical motor that assists pedalling on even the steepest hills and able to transport goods up to 80kg with zero emissions and minimal damage to roads.

EPIKS is launching an e-cargo bike pilot scheme in the Holme Valley in 2022 to showcase how low-emission deliveries are a real alternative to diesel powered vans.

We are be working with partners from the Holme Valley Climate Action Partnership, local businesses and community groups and the help of a team of volunteer riders.

Read more about the Holme Valley Pilot Project here.

Details about becoming a volunteer rider here


Inspiration from our mentors in the Calder Valley

Cargodale CIC have been running a successful e-cargo delivery scheme in the Calder Valley and have given us continued support throughout the development of our project. Here are some of their aims that have inspired our project :

“We deliver. For our community. For better air quality. For less congestion. For safer roads. For a better environment.

“Delivering with electric cargo bikes supports local businesses and creates jobs without costing the earth.

“Our cargo bikes fit down the small roads of our area, they are safer for people walking and cycling – and they don’t pollute our air or add to climate change.”