Low Emission Deliveries

Electric cargo bike project

We are planning a trial of a low emission local delivery service using an electric cargo bike.

The project aims to demonstrate the potential to operate an effective delivery scheme that promotes local trading – “shop local”.  At the same time, the project will aim to meet social needs by helping to supply essentials to people who are unable to get out and about.

During the pilot project we will have volunteer opportunities and will be recruiting (and training) committed riders.

On days where the main task is to distribute large quantities of perishables (e.g. food) we will aim to recruit paid riders.

In the longer term, the use of cargo bikes contributes to the reduction of motor vehicles in residential areas.

We are working in partnership with the Holme Valley Climate Action Partnership. EPIKs is currently reviewing the costs of establishing systems and the infrastructure to run a trial.

We have been assisted by Cargodale, based in the Calder Valley.

Electric cargo bike project – vision statement

This is the vision statement of Cargodale a Calder Valley CIC, who we are in contact with:

“We deliver. For our community. For better air quality. For less congestion. For safer roads. For a better environment.

“Delivering with electric cargo bikes supports local businesses and creates jobs without costing the earth.

“Our cargo bikes fit down the small roads of our area, they are safer for people walking and cycling – and they don’t pollute our air or add to climate change.”