Low-emission deliveries by e-cargo bike

Holme Deliveries

E-cargo bikes offer a low-carbon solution to delivering goods that would otherwise be delivered by car or van. The Holme Valley e-cargo bike is robust and with an electrical motor that assists pedalling on even the steepest hills. It is able to transport goods up to 80kg with zero emissions and minimal damage to roads.

Holme Deliveries launched in 2022 to showcase how low-emission deliveries are a real alternative to diesel powered vans with support from Holme Valley Parish Council Climate Action and the Bright Green Community Trust.

Local businesses and community groups are joining together to showcase the possibilities of the e-cargo bike for reducing journeys by vehicle and boosting local business.

Read more about the Holme Valley Project here.

Details about becoming a volunteer rider here.


How our delivery scheme works

Our group of trained volunteer riders can deliver goods within the Holme Valley that would otherwise have been transported by car or van, so we’re cutting pollution and damage to roads every time we travel. We welcome enquiries from businesses, individuals and community groups who would like to comission the e-cargo bike.

Here are some of the ways Holme Deliveries can help you deliver:

  • You can order goods from a local shop and have them delivered to your door with ‘ click and collect’.
  • Look out for the e-cargo bike at local markets where you can commission the bike to carrry your shopping home for you.
  • Local businesses can comission the bike to make regular deliveries to their customers
  • Community groups, schools and organisations can comission the bike to deliver materials for their events or activities instead of using a vehicle
  • We can bring the e-cargo bike to your event or exhibition to showcase a greener way to transport goods and boost local business




E-caro bike at Honley Park Market
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