Partners of Match it!  

We partnered with Match it!

In December 2020, we partnered with Match it! Donations of over £8,000 were doubled by Match it! to enable us to run a regular volunteering programme so that groups and individuals can get outdoors and help improve their local green spaces for all to enjoy. 


We welcome donations to our organisation, but please be aware that your donation will not be matched at the present time. 

Thank you to One Community for powering this initiative. 

What is Match it?

Match it! is One Community’s fund that makes donations twice as impactful. They match what your community or project needs, putting the money directly into charities and organisations that support the Kirklees community.


Messages of support for the EPIKS Match it! appeal.


‘Excellent plan – great initiative’ – R.A.

‘Great work’ – J.W.

‘Very happy to support this valuable project’ – D.P.

‘You do fantastic work and I hope to join in!’ – L.G.

‘Brilliant initiative with some great projects’ – D.H.