Partners of Match it!  

We’re partnering with Match it!

Any money raised to us or donated will be matched by them. Your donation will have twice the impact and help us continue with the great work we do for our community.

Help us reach our target of £10,000 to create a regular programme of environmental volunteering for 2021 so that we can work together and make a real difference for people, wildlife and open spaces in Kirklees.

If you’d like to donate visit our webpage at Peoples Fundraising using the Donate button below. You can also email us via the contact page if you want to find out what opportunities there are for volunteering or sponsorship in 2021.

Thank you to One Community for powering this initiative. Let’s do this together!

What is Match it?

Match it! is One Community’s new fund that makes your donations twice as impactful. They match what your community or project needs, putting the money directly into charities and organisations that support the Kirklees community.

They are matching the fundraising efforts of sixty local community groups over a 3-month period (November – 31st Jan 2021).

Messages of support for the EPIKS Match it! appeal.

Please e-mail us with (short) messages of support to or via the form on the contact page.

We will publish a selection of those received and will aim to refresh this page at least every fortnight until the end of January.