3 Valleys Nature Park

3 Valleys Nature Park is a long term vision to make the waterways of Kirklees central to the natural greenspace network of this varied and diverse landscape. EPIKS is the lead organisation among a group of partners who are working together to deliver benefits to wildlife, businesses and the community.

3 Valleys Nature Park Pilot

A Development Plan for the Colne Valley

We propose to undertake an audit of the assets – and their potential – along the corridor of the River Colne, particularly the waterways.

Our pilot project – the Huddersfield Riverside Nature Park- incorporating the rivers between Lookwood and John Smith’s Stadium is a first step in the creation of a Colne Valley – wide project.





  We focused on:

  • Enhancing destination sites along the waterways
  • Schools and youth engagement
  • Biodiversity and wildlife corridors
  • Active travel network improvements
  • Litter removal in the aquatic (and marine) environment

The HRNP project marks an essential step in the development of the 3 Valleys Nature Park. It will also help us demonstrate how the partnership model of managing the project can work across the whole area. We are also exploring the possibility of a Lower Colne Nature Park, from John Smith’s Stadium to Colne Bridge. 

Download the HRNP brochure here

Download the 3 Valleys Nature Park brochure here

3 Valleys Nature Park

Resilience and Natural Flood Management

We are looking at ways that natural processes can be harnessed to reduce rapid runoff and lead to flooding. This could include changes to water courses, the way livestock graze fields or managing our woodlands to maximise water retention. 

Methods of natural flood management often go hand in hand with improved habitats for wildlife. 

Weir Management


Weirs are a relic of our industrial past and many of these are redundant. We are exploring ways that weir modification could offer temporary water storage in times of flood, allow fish populations to move up and down stream for breeding and be harnessed for generating electricity. 

We have been inspired by Moors for the Future’s research work in the uplands (view Moors for the Future here). They looked at the modification of small dams by adding notches and slots as a means of providing temporary water storage during flood peaks.

The creation of wetlands helps to store water in the landscape and reduce the impact of flooding.

3 Valleys Nature Park

A Partnership Project

With the support of Kirklees Council and the Environment Agency, as well as community groups, local businesses and charities, we believe it can become our nature park.

Key partners in developing the concept and contributing to the production of the 3 Valleys Nature Park prospectus include: