Re-Use and Recycling

We are keen to tackle waste minimisation and the promotion of re-use and repair within Kirklees, at a local level. This was the essence of our Waste Conference we ran in December 2019 (see

The potential for better systems to salvage a wide range of items that are currently “lost” to landfill or incineration – furniture and white goods, paint, textiles, wood and bikes – became clear then.

We want to see innovative projects based on partnership between the community, business and local authority sectors.

We are aware of community-led projects in neighbouring areas that are part of the “circular economy” – including a “scrap store” that makes use of clean and safe manufacturing offcuts or commercial surpluses for use in play.

There is a need for local community enterprises, with local jobs and volunteers, with a mission to divert “waste” from landfill and incineration. It could form part of a new the waste strategy, currently under review by Kirklees Council.

We are in discussion about this with Holmfirth Transition Town, who are tackling waste issues at a local level. Whilst there are a few brilliant re-use and recycling projects in Kirklees, it is increasingly evident there is scope for a more joined-up approach.