Environmental Projects in Kirklees


The Greenstreams Project is making the most of the fantastic river along the valley of the River Colne in Kirklees, which flows from the Pennine uplands through Huddersfield, to join the river Calder at Cooper Bridge.

Benefiting both people and wildlife, Greenstreams volunteers and partners have been working on a range of projects. They have improved the network of footpaths and cycle routes, restored biodiversity by enhancing wildlife habitats and cleaned up the river by tackling the problem of litter and fly-tipping.

Photo: Wild Trout Trust

3 Valleys Nature Park

By linking green spaces and waterways in the Colne, Holme and Calder valleys, a nature park will help to connect people with cleaner, more wildlife-rich places.

It will provide opportunities for recreation and active travel, and an appreciation of the value of wildlife and historic features. By improving people’s health and wellbeing, and helping to address the climate and ecological crisis, a nature park is very relevant to the post-Covid era.

We are making progress in achieving this vision by bringing people and organisations together to develop the park. With the support of public sector organisations including Kirklees Council and the Environment Agency, as well as community groups, local businesses and environmental charities we believe it can become our nature park.

E-Bike Projects

Our two “electric pedal assisted cycle” (e-bike) projects are new and set to launch in 2021.

An e-bike loan scheme, aimed mainly at employers to enable staff to get to and from work in a way that enables them to observe social distancing recommendations is well advanced. At the same time, employees on the scheme need to discover if an e-bike would suit their travel needs over the longer term.

Our other e-bike scheme, which plans to use electric cargo bikes for local deliveries is in the planning stage.  With both projects we will inspire more people to cycle in Kirklees – to work, to school, to do the shopping and deliveries and for social events.

Re-Use & Recycling

We are looking at how new opportunities for social enterprise can be established as Kirklees adopts a strategy of “zero waste to landfill”.

In a place “where waste is valued as a resource through re-use, recycling, and recovery”, we are advocates of the need for community-led enterprise as part of our commitment to tackling the climate emergency.

We ran a waste conference in December 2019, looking at future opportunities for increasing the amount of re-use and repair, as well as in establishing new jobs in the “circular economy” see www.kwrnet.org.uk