Environmental Projects in Kirklees

Boosting biodiversity

EPIKS works on sites along the River Colne in Kirklees, which flows from the Pennine uplands through Huddersfield, to join the river Calder at Cooper Bridge.

Benefiting both people and wildlife, EPIKS works with businesses, landowners, students and volunteers to restore biodiversity by enhancing habitats for wildlife.

Photo: Wild Trout Trust

3 Valleys Nature Park

By linking green spaces and waterways in the Colne, Holme and Calder valleys, a nature park will help to connect people with cleaner, more wildlife-rich places.

It will provide opportunities for recreation and active travel and an appreciation of the value of wildlife and historic features. By improving people’s health and wellbeing, and helping to address the climate and ecological crisis.

Work on the first phase of this ambitious project has started in Huddersfield where we are working with land owners, businesses and volunteers to improve access, biodiversity and learning on sites along the River Colne.

Active Travel

EPIKS has a range of projects to help people walk and cycle more – taking action for climate change, keeping fit and saving money. 

We regularly clear, build and maintain pathways, host guided walks and provide waymarking to highlight routes. 

We are working with partner organisations to help support campaigning for better cycling infrastructure and developing an virtual cycling hub for Kirklees to give people the information and support they need to cycle more. 

Our small fleet of e-bikes give people the chance to trial an e-bike to discover how they are a viable alternative to driving and help to tackle the steep hills in our area.






Re-Use & Recycling

We are looking at how new opportunities for social enterprise can be established as Kirklees adopts a strategy of “zero waste to landfill”.

In a place “where waste is valued as a resource through re-use, recycling, and recovery”, we are advocates of the need for community-led enterprise as part of our commitment to tackling the climate emergency.